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Rising to New Heights

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us in our free virtual workshop. This empowering growth opportunity is specifically designed for conscious business owners, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and holistic medicine practitioners.

Join Us: Saturday, June 17th, 10:00 AM MST


Led by Jeremiah Marquez,
Founder & CEO at ASCNSN.

Hello there! I'm Jeremiah, a Designer and Brand Strategist at ASCNSN (pronounced uh·sen·shn). My mission is to impact one billion lives indirectly by working with Holistic Practitioners, Conscious Business Owners, and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs.


Join me in this free workshop to learn how to find brand clarity and how to create an effective strategy for business growth.


Let me be your guide in reaching new heights.

In This Free Workshop We Will Cover How To:


Our empathetic and wise facilitator will incorporate breathwork to provide a safe space where we all can learn, explore and expand our potential.

Develop a Strategic Plan: Set & Achieve Goals:

Uncover a prioritization system that will empower you to focus on your business goals, leading to sustainable growth and impact.

Craft an Impactful Brand Statement 

Discover a brand strategy framework that will help you craft a compelling brand statement, ensuring your unique essence shines through.

Innovation with Idea Banks 

 Learn how to generate a data bank for your marketing campaigns, enabling you to communicate your offerings effectively and authentically.

Uncover Your Perfect Client & Craft Profiles

 Gain clarity on your ideal clients and learn how to create client profiles that resonate with your heart-centered approach and purpose-driven mission.

Understand the Client Journey

Develop a deeper understanding of the client journey, helping you create meaningful connections and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Bonus Material For Participants:

Digital Workbook

As a token of our gratitude, all workshop attendees will receive a free digital workbook. This comprehensive resource will guide you in creating your own roadmap for the next 6-12 months, ensuring that you stay aligned with your purpose and vision.

Mindfulness Subscription

As an added bonus, attendees will also receive complimentary 30-day access to an exclusive breath, movement, and meditation app, providing you with ongoing support in nurturing your well-being and maintaining a balanced entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Rising to New Heights.png

Ready to Ascend to New Heights? Join Us & Rise Today!

Saturday, June 17th, 10:00 AM MST

Success! Get ready for an incredible journey of growth and empowerment with us.

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